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We know the process of building a house can seem a little overwhelming if you're new to it, but we have decades of experience and will make the journey smooth and easy. Here are the eight steps of your Tempo Living build!
Tempo Living build process - build a new home on your own land


STEP 1: Your first decisions

The first step involves all the big decisions (and it’s the most fun!). This is where you choose how you want your home to look and function. You kick things off by choosing your Tempo Living home design, facade, floor plan, inclusion options, and internal and external colour selections. You can see and touch all the options at our display homes.

STEP 2: We commit to you, and the Tender Request Fee is paid

We make sure that everything is in order and commit to deliver on our guarantees of a 10-day tender, 10-week time to site and 20-week build time*. You will be given an estimate of cost, and will pay the Tender Request Fee**.

STEP 3: We get to work, and the Tender Acceptance Fee is paid

Our team gets to work. Tempo Living will complete site investigation reports, and prepare and present your guaranteed fixed price tender and application plans. From here, you’ll know exactly what you are paying, exactly what you are paying for and exactly when you will be moving in. You pay your Tender Acceptance Fee**.

STEP 4: You sign the contracts, and pay a deposit on your build

Tempo Living will prepare building approval documents and present the Home Building Agreement to you. That’s a fancy way of saying we will prepare all your contracts and paperwork, and you sign a contract with us. You will then pay your contract deposit. This is the deposit on your home build.

STEP 5: We finalise all the approvals

Tempo Living obtain building approvals and complete construction documentation. You will need to provide an Authority to Commence Construction from your lending authority. This is a letter from your finance provider that confirms you have finance.

STEP 6: The build starts

We begin construction of your Tempo Living home! You will receive regular updates from your Tempo Living site manager.

STEP 7: You inspect your completed home, and the final payment is made

When your home is finished we will notify you when we have reached Practical Completion, which means your home is ready for you to give it a final inspection with your site manager. The final payment is made.

STEP 8: Move in!

We hand over your keys, and you move in and enjoy your new Tempo Living home.

* Timeframe applies to single-storey dwellings.

** The Tender Fee and Tender Acceptance Fee are utilised to commission Consultant Reports and to provide services to prepare your Tender and Building Contracts. The Tender Fee and Tender Acceptance Fee are non-refundable in the event that you do not proceed to a Building Contract. Please speak with a Tempo Living Sales Consultant for complete details, specification, inclusions and Guarantees. All inclusion selections are to be made from the Tempo Living range.

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