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Our fixed price house and land packages make buying and building your dream home easier. There’s a lot of new terminology and procedures to get your head around if you are on the building journey for the first time. Don’t fear: we are experienced home builders, and our easy building process is stress free.

We have a range of award winning single- and double-storey home designs, we don’t talk in jargon and we cut out the hassle. Tempo Living does not hide costs – we guarantee fully fixed, inclusive and upfront pricing so you’ll know exactly what you are paying with no surprises. Build timeframes are guaranteed, so you know exactly when you will be moving in.

We have a range of fixed-price house and land packages in areas including Marsden Park, Schofields, Box Hill, Riverstone, Rouse Hill, Austral, Leppington, Menangle Park, Campbelltown, Silverdale, Caddens Hill, the Central Coast and more.

Our house and land packages include stone tops to kitchen and vanities, soft-close drawers and doors, sliding mirrored robes, concrete driveway, AC, a 5-year warranty on all appliances and much more. Our clever house designs make the most of narrow blocks, so you can rest assured you’re getting maximum accommodation and outdoor space in your dream home. Take a virtual tour of our display homes and check out the value Tempo Living offer.


Map of Austral Estate, Austral


Austral Estate is fast becoming one of Austral’s most iconic and sought-after land releases. Leppington train station is only 8 minutes by bus, there is quick access to the M5 and Westlink M7, and it’s moments from the future Leppington Town Centre. Leppington Town Centre is poised to become the South-West’s major hub, complete with a large shopping centre, restaurants, cafés, homemaker centre, offices, civic centre, aquatic centre and much more.

Austral Estate is also close to Western Sydney Parklands, which offers a peaceful and family-friendly atmosphere. Austral will also benefit from the new Western Sydney Airport, expected to be complete in 2026.


Located in the thriving suburb of Box Hill is Hills of Carmel. This master-planned estate offers easy access to Windsor Rd, and is a 15-minute drive to Castle Hill, 3kms from the popular Rouse Hill Town Centre, and just 50-minute drive via the M2 to Sydney CBD. Commute via the Northwest Rail service to the CBD in 55 minutes.

There is an abundance of parks, playing fields and cycleways at your door, and it is adjacent to pristine parkland with numerous hiking tracks. Building guidelines imposed by the developer ensure that the streetscape is complimentary, and there are numerous schools in close vicinity. A local shopping centre is under construction.

If you enjoy wide open spaces in a modern, tranquil neighborhood, be sure to explore this magnificent location.


Fixed price House & Land package buying process

STEP ONE: Choose your House & Land package and your Designer Selections

This is exactly as it sounds: choose the package that works for you in the place you’d like to live. We have a range of packages you can choose from, and our sales consultants will help you make the best choice for your budget and lifestyle.

Next, you will choose how you want your home to look. You will select your internal and external colours, façade, and inclusion options. You can see and touch all the curated options at our display homes.

STEP TWO: Pay your HBA preparation fee

The HBA (Home Building Agreement) fee is used to order consultants and provide services to prepare and site your chosen Tempo Living Home. This is the point all the paperwork and planning really gets underway, and is the start of your new home coming to life. These fees are non-refundable, and once they have been paid, no additional structural changes are able to be made because your all-inclusive fixed price tender and architectural plans will be set. A copy of the land contract will also be issued to your nominated solicitor.

STEP THREE: Sign your Home Building Agreement

You’ll sign your Home Building Agreement. This means you have officially contracted us to build your home. The Home Building Agreement includes your fixed price tender and architectural plans. You will need to sign it within seven days of issue. You will then pay the balance of the HBA fee.

STEP FOUR: Exchange on your land contract

You exchange on your land contract. This must happen within 14 days of issue. Exchange of contracts means your solicitor, and the solicitor representing the developer who owns the land, swap signed contracts, and you will pay the land deposit. At exchange, the agreement that you will buy the land becomes legally binding.

STEP FIVE: We finalise all approvals

Tempo Living obtain all necessary building approvals and complete construction documentation. You will need to provide an Authority to Commence Construction from your lending authority. This is a letter from your finance provider that confirms you have finance for us to build your home.

STEP SIX: The build starts

Construction of your Tempo Living home gets underway! You will receive regular updates from your Tempo Living site manager throughout the build.

STEP SEVEN: You inspect your completed home, and the final payment is made

When your home is finished we will notify you when we have reached Practical Completion, which means your home is ready for you to give it a final inspection with your site manager. The final payment is made.

STEP EIGHT: Move in!

We hand over your keys, and you move in and enjoy your new Tempo Living home.


What are the benefits of a House and Land Package?

There are many different building options out there – but House & Land Packages are still one of the most popular ways to secure your dream of a new home. Here are some of the benefits:

There’s no need to waste your valuable time looking for land

Just like the name suggests, a House & Land Package comes with the house… and the land! No need to spend your weekends travelling to 15 different estates, talking to 15 different sales agents (with 15 different sales spiels) to then get bombarded with calls during the following week. When you find a suitable House & Land Package, the builder has completed the vast majority of this work for you.

You don’t have to become a land expert overnight

If you’ve ever been looking for land, you would have learnt pretty quickly that not all piles of dirt are piled the same. You may have also realised that when you ask for all the details, you rarely get a simple answer. It can be quite a complex and confusing situation when you’re given engineering drawings and survey information. If you’re not careful, you could find yourself in a tricky situation when you visit a builder for the first time and are run through the costs involved.

Things can become overwhelming very quickly. That’s where the benefits of a suitable House & Land Package become clear. A competent builder will know the relevant issues with the land. They will also be able to understand and interpret the plans. This should mean no hidden site costs, and no six-figure variation fees.

Securing the correct House & Land Package will ensure that you can avoid the minefield of additional costs and frustration.

Home designs that are unique to each land lot and functional for your family

We use our vast experience to create House & Land Packages that provide the best possible home design solutions for each particular block of land. From solar passive design to the functionality of your living areas and outdoor spaces, you can trust that the Tempo Living team has created an ideal House & Land Package for your family.

Our experience ensures that we acquire the most relevant promotions and exclusive deals.

The Tempo Living team is experienced in the House & Land package market. Our years of expertise and development of vast sales networks has ensured that we are aware of exclusive deals and relevant promotions that we can make available to you. Tempo Living has access to upcoming land estates and opportunities that aren’t available to the general public. We are confident that we can source the ideal House & Land Package for your family that is relevant to your lifestyle, budget and design inspiration.

How do you know whether a House and Land Package is a good deal or just misleading?

When you are searching for a House & Land Package, it can be challenging to process the many varying prices and options available. Your first consideration should be: ‘What am I really getting for the price that is being offered?’ If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. A good tip is to keep an eye out for the asterisk right next to the price or offer – if this is followed by myriad confusing clauses, the chances are the offer is too good to be true.

You will find many ‘cheap’ House & Land Package offers out there – but these packages often compromise on inclusions and have many hidden costs. For instance, the price could exclude floor coverings. In most cases, the price doesn’t include site costs at all. Site costs can include many items that you will definitely require for your home – like excavation and relevant structural modifications, as well as other items such as landscaping, fencing and driveways. These costs can add up. Pretty soon, that ‘cheap’ $140,000 offer is looking more like $240,000. So, make sure you always do your research, and always ask about all of the inclusions for each package that you are considering.

You can be confident that each Tempo Living House & Land package we’ve put it together is ‘Move In Ready’. There are no uncertainties. There are no hidden site costs. Our inclusions are superior.  Tempo Living will always create House & Land Packages that provide great value for your hard-earned money. We provide you with a home that is Move In Ready.

What are site costs?

Site costs generally include all of those items in your new home that are located ‘below the floor’ or structurally relevant to the particular land lot you are considering. Site costs can include items that you will definitely require for your home – like excavation, foundations and relevant structural modifications, as well as other items such as landscaping, fencing and driveways. These costs can very quickly add up to a lot of money.

Tempo Living House & Land Packages ensure that you won’t have to worry about site costs at all. When you choose a Tempo Living House & Land Package, all of your required site costs to construct your new home are included in your fixed price. No surprises, and no hidden costs.

Some builders may promote prices that sometimes still require $100,000 worth of site costs to be factored in. You should only consider House & Land Packages that provide you with a fixed price for site costs.

Can I make some changes?

Yes, you certainly can make changes with your Tempo Living House & Land Package. While many House & Land Packages generally don’t offer custom changes, there is flexibility and choice for many of our Tempo Living designs. The Tempo Living design team provides a number of carefully considered options for you to choose from. Many of our packages allow you to select your own unique façade, and we offer interior design options that have been developed by our design team. You may also have the opportunity to consider relevant inclusion upgrades. Tempo Living wants your new home to be unique, and functional for your lifestyle.

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