Tempo Living


Our commitment to you

+ Provide you with a detailed tender within 10 days of meeting with our sales team*.
+ Provide a full set of plans at tender stage so that you know exactly what you are building and paying for up front.
+ Confirm and fix your site costs, before accepting your tender to build your new home.
+ Confirm the on-site start date to commence building your new home, before signing your building contract.
+ Confirm the date we will complete your new home.
+ Use our extensive combined experience to deliver a well-priced, innovatively-designed home that is considerate of the environment.
+ Provide high-quality inclusions that are considered upgrades elsewhere.

* Conditions apply. 10-day period begins upon full receipt of your information and payment of your tender request fee.

+ Know exactly what you are building.
+ Know exactly what you are paying for.
+ Know exactly when you will be moving in to your new home.
+ Know that your new home will be delivered move-in ready.
+ Know that there will be no excuses. We will do exactly what we say, when we say.
+ Have consistent communication and transparency every step of the way.